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Interview of Eleni
from  Wimbledon  2005


Q. Congratulations. How does a player from Greece become such a good player on grass?
ELENI DANIILIDOU: I mean, I don't know. Coincidence. But, I mean, it's I just feel pretty good and pretty confident on grass.  




Daniilidou recapturing the fire
(New Zealand Herald)   02.01.2004


Greek tennis talent Eleni Daniilidou is hoping to reignite the fire which she credits with her success in last year's Auckland Classic.


Interview of Lena Daniilidou
from  Nasdaq-100 Open 2004


Can you talk about playing Serena.
ELENI DANIILIDOU: For the Serena match, I will try my best. She's a top player again. I will try my best and try to enjoy. This is very important for me.




Елени отвечает на вопросы по электронной почте  05.03.2003


Назовите теннисисток, против которых вы не любите выходить на корт.
-  Сестры Уильямс.  Действительно тяжело выступать против них.


Interview of Lena Daniilidou


   Do you have friends on the tour?
- “At that level it’s difficult to make friends, but even if you do, you have to be careful.


SHE´S SEARCHING FOR A SPONSOR   (Article from Eleftherotypia Newspaper Online (  11/02/2003)


 "I set the bar ever higher. The Olympics is a long-term goal for me. My next goal now is to make it into the top 15 players in the world. 

  What I want is that God keeps me healthy for the big challenge of 2004."


"Greeceґs Lightning"
   (Article from AUSTRALIAN TENNIS MAGAZINE  01.2003)


  Greece conjures up images of the Parthenon, intellectual giants such as Socrates and Platon and the Olympic Games - but maybe not tennis. In fact, Greece hadn't produced a world-class player since Niki Kalogenopoulos in the 1960s.




Press Conference (Greece, 11.02.2003) 


   -"I believe I have the respect of everybody on the circuit as a tennis
player and as a person as well. It is my honour to represent my country,
Greece, and I feel very proud of that".


Making the best of her luck
January 19 2003 вy Nabila Ahmed  (


   Before she began a tennis career in which she has jumped more than 60 places in the world rankings since January, 2001, she wanted to become a doctor.




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